We support a few question and command types ("intents") today, and add new capabilities frequently.

If you ask chef Connie a question and don't get the answer you expect, please let us know—this is how we improve the product, and hopefully your time in the kitchen :).

⚠️ Alexa and Google Assistant need to know that you are talking to chef Connie. We suggest starting your questions with "Alexa, ask chef Connie..." or "Hey Google, ask chef Connie...". ⚠️

Here are a few examples of questions you can ask chef Connie:

"Alexa, ask chef Connie what am I doing?", which will read you the current step. You might also ask this as "what I'm doing" or "remind me what I'm doing".

"Hey Google, ask chef Connie what's next?", which will read you the next step in the recipe, and remember your new place in the recipe. You might also ask this as "move forward".

"Alexa, ask chef Connie what recipes are active?", which will read you the names of all active recipes. You might also ask this as "what are my recipes".

"Hey Google, ask chef Connie to complete the [recipe name]", which will remove the named recipe from your currently active recipes, marking it as completed. You can also tell chef Connie to abandon or restart a recipe.

Whenever you ask questions, you can:

Name an active recipe, like "what am I doing for the lasagna?" or "what's next for the stew?". Without a name, chef Connie answers about your most recently active recipe.

Name a direction—any questions with "next" also work with "forward", "back", "backward", and "previous"

Name a number of steps—most forward / backward questions support numbers, like "move forward two steps for the brownies".

And voilà! You're ready to cook with chef Connie. 

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